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Joschi Joachimsthaler is a multi instrumentalist, best known as a guitar player from Nürnberg, Germany. He works mainly as a live/studio/session musician. Wanna know more? Hit the contact button:




Joschi is currently playing with: 

- Joschi Joachimsthaler
- Karin Rabhansl
- Flinkfingro
- Chris Bay (Freedom Call)
- Picked Up
- Benny Sand
- Songs in a Lifetime
- Rockheroes

- Dancel Waschinkens Wasch-Schinken


Joschi is hireable for live and studio stuff, just hit the contact button. Remote recording is also possible!


Software, Bands, Artists, Singers, Painters, Coffeedrinkers and other important people and stuff he was working on, sharing the stage with or just stood on the same side of the street but knows the cousin of the best friend of his mothers uncle: 


Native Instruments Session Guitarist - Electric Vintage, Session Guitarist - Electric Sunburst, Session Guitarist - Electric Sunburst Deluxe, Session Guitarist - Picked Nylon, Karin Rabhansl, Eric Martin (Mr. Big), Freedom Call, Chris Bay, Benny Greb, Wolfgang Schmid, Frank Itt, Flinkfingro, Schizofrantik, Carlos Reisch, Songs in a Lifetime, Lu&me, Carlos Reisch, MiWo, Al Breeze, Benny Sand, Waldo Weathers, Rockheroes, Oliver Hartmann, Oli Rubow, Dancel Waschinken, IZE, another Broject, David Arredondo (Taken), BTM-Guitars, Rockheroes, Hilla, Lukomotife, Michael Gabler, Alex, Ilker Ersin/Power World

Joschi is working as a professional musician since 2009 and is the right hand of famous producer Dancel Waschinken. At the moment he is working on some lick collection books for guitar. The first one "the art of moving your fingers in a specific kind of way" is already published and can be bought here. 

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Pic by Sven Rödig

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